Biography of Jean Erickson Walker

Testimonials: What Clients are Saying

“Blunt, compassionate and effective,” Publishers Weekly

"Uplifting and energizing"

"Experience, insight and empathy that sets her apart from the crowd"

"Rare and humorous understanding of people"

"Thank you for helping me regain my sense of worth"

"You’re the force that creates the dynamic"

"She understands her clients at a gut level"

"A journey of personal discovery"

"Refreshingly pragmatic approach"

"Really gets to know and understand her clients"

"Seemingly endless professional knowledge, remarkable interpersonal insight, and candid “get down to business style."

"Depth of knowledge to help people discern their talents"

"Thank you for giving me back myself"

"Clear, down to earth, direct"

"You create magic!"

"Great mix of intelligence and humor"

"Wow!  What a professional!"

"No –nonsense, but fun, presentation"

"Epitomizes professionalism & sensitivity"

"Good cheer & keen intellect"

"A most wonderfully amazing force in my life"

"You relit the torch that had fizzled in my life"

"I find myself smiling, energized & excited about moving forward – all because of you."

"Sense is not as common as we thought and therefore – valuable"

"Fantastic insight"

"To the point, pragmatic, pulled no punches, but supportive and caring at the same time."

"Eye opening"

"Indestructible optimism…"

"Motivator, teacher who commands the respect of the “players”"

"Tremendous insight, thoughtfulness and good humor"

"Energy, unfailing positive approach, sense of humor and focus on the doable."

"She managed full engagement and collaboration among the diverse and often highly opinionated group"

"Phenomenal perspective, both practical and inspiring"

"A superb educator, open, honest and available"

"Great talent for energizing people"

"Caring and compassionate"

"Intensity and enthusiasm, fuel that serves as a powerful source of motivation."

"Makes complex subjects both interesting and fun"

"No matter how large the audience, she is a master at establishing rapport and eliciting interaction."

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